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This site was designed to make it easy to play chess over internet with far away friends or relatives. The best way to start using this site is to invite your chess partner to play here, however, some regular players are accepting challenges from anyone. In most games only a couple of moves a day are made - a chess move goes well with a new cup of coffee. However, you can play live if you and your partner choose to.

If you decide to play chess, some game related notifications may be emailed to you (like challenge notification). If you decide not to play, you will receive no email due to your registration here. Your email address will not be sold to anyone. This is not a commercial site. No cookies, or anything else, is stored on your computer.

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Spam filters keep on changing to fight spam. One of their targets are computer generated emails. Some filters sometimes kill the emails that this site sends when registering. So, if you do not get an email with a modified password right away, you can either have the password resent immediately and in a different way by following this link or you can send me a note to: and I will send you an email with the password usually within a day.

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